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SBRC Survey for Teachers

After discussion with the UESF Elementary Committee, SFUSD has put together a Task Force to review and provide guidance on revisions to the TK-5 Standards Based Report Cards.  The Task Force has defined the purpose of the SFUSD K-5 SBRC as follows: to provide a concise and periodic tool for communication among teachers, families and students that includes comprehensible information about a child’s social emotional development, academic development and unique assets.  In an effort to make this tool useful to teachers and families while serving the above purpose, feedback from both groups is essential.  Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience with the SBRCs.
Are you a teacher who completes the SBRCs?


For which grade(s) have you completed SBRCs?

How often do you use the available rubrics to inform your completion of the SBRCs?


Approximately how long do you spend completing an SBRC for one student in its entirety?

60 + minutes 

What aspects of the SBRC do you find the most useful for communicating with families?


What aspects of the SBRC do you find the LEAST useful for communicating with families?

Verizon Communications

What aspects of the SBRC do you think should not be changed?


What aspects of the SBRC would you like to see changed for the 2015-2016 school year?


What should be added to the SBRCs and why?


What should be omitted from the SBRCs and why?

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Are you satisfied with the timing/ pacing of the SBRCs during the year?


if no, then “What changes in timing or pacing of the SBRCs would you like to see?”


How challenging was it to use Synergy TeacherVue to complete your SBRCs?


What feedback do you have on using Synergy TeacherVue to complete your SBRCs?


What additional comments do you have that would inform the revision of our district’s SRBCs for 2014-2015?


Would you like to participate in hands-on revision of the SBRC as a member of the Task Force? (extended hour compensation is provided)


If yes: “Please provide your email for more information.”


Any additional comments to add?

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