Data Conversation Resources
Use data to support your school improvement efforts! Use the resources below to support your school community in having meaningful conversations about data at your site. These resources were developed for the SSC Summit workshop, “Where do we focus?: Accessing Understanding and Using Data to Shape Your Goals and BSC” (March 2, 2013):

SSC Summit presentation 02 03 13

ELA CST Data Activity

Tips for Data Conversations

Lead your own data conversation workshop using this presentation

Try out your skills in data analysis using this School Data Activity

After your discussion, think about ways you can structure a data conversation at your site and use these Tips for Successful Data Conversation


SFUSD Data Resources for BSC

Spotlight - Jean Parker

SFUSD Progress Monitoring Measure

Writing your BSC? Use this helpful tool to find data resources on this and other sites: SFUSD Data Resources for Use in BSC Planning

See examples of the ways other sites are using data conversations to support school change efforts Engaging Teachers and Families with A Hands On Approach and Teachers Use Assessment Data to Build Excitement for Reading

Monitor progress using our SFUSD Progress Monitoring Measures